5th EDITION: Rome, Italy September 1st - 3rd 2022


3 days focused on Dermoscopy with the Excellence of teaching


International Masterclass is the on site course about dermoscopy.

The International Masterclass is a limited enrollment course that attracts dermatologists and other clinicians from all over the world.
Past editions have been attended by dermatologists from more than 50 countries, making this course an important educational event, but also a great opportunity to share dermoscopy practices and skills.
International Masterclass tutors are the founders and scientific coordinators of Dermoscopy Excellence: Prof. Aimilios Lallas, current President of the International Dermoscopy Society (IDS) and Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano, former President of the IDS. Their friendship, their cooperation and frequent collaborations and participations on the stages of numerous congresses make the Dermoscopy Excellence training the distinctive engaging element of the training course.

International Masterclass is the high-level course of Dermoscopy Exellence and has two main objectives: firstly, to provide participants with all the theoretical knowledge available on the dermoscopic criteria and, secondly, to guide them towards a conscious and profitable use of their knowledge in their daily practice.

The limited available places in the course is the result of the tutors’ will to follow carefully and personally the learning of all participants and bring the whole class group to a high level of knowledge of dermoscopy.

The lessons will be given in English. The course is CME accredited


8.30 Participants registration

MODULE 1: Intro
Past and present of dermoscopy
Dermoscopy mirroring histopathology

11.00 Coffee break

MODULE 2: Trunk and extremities I
Common nevi
Peculiar nevi
Easy and difficult seborrheic keratosis
Other pigmented tumors

13.00 Light Lunch

MODULE 3: Trunk and extremities II
Conventional melanoma
Very early melanoma
Nodular melanoma
Practicing with cases

16.00 Coffee break

MODULE 4: Specific sites
Acral sites
Practicing with cases

18.00 Conclusion


9.00 MODULE 5: Scalp
Pigmented lesions
Non-pigmented lesions
Practicing with cases

11.00 Coffee break

MODULE 6: Face I
Flat pigmented lesions
The inverse approach
Particular issues on lentigo maligna
Practicing with cases

13.00 Light lunch

Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma
Adnexal tumors
Practicing with cases

16.00 Coffee break

MODULE 8: Pink
Flat non-pigmented lesions
Nodular non-pigmented lesions
Practicing with cases

18.00 Conclusion


9.00 MODULE 9: Children
Congenital nevi
Spitz nevi
Practicing with cases

11.00 Coffee break

MODULE 10: Monitoring
Devices and basic principles of digital monitoring
Long term management of patients with multiple moles
Training with cases

13.00 Light lunch

MODULE 11: Dermoscopy in
General Dermatology
Inflammatory diseases
Infectious diseases
Practicing with cases

16.00 Coffee break

MODULE 12: Case-based summary

18.00 Conclusion – Final Ceremony

Social Program

The International Masterclass is also distinguished by an important social program, which will involve all the participants on Thursday and Friday evenings for dinner, in characteristic restaurants in the Eternal City downtown.

Conference venue

NH Collection Roma Centro – Via dei Gracchi 324, Roma



What does International Masterclass deliver?
International Masterclass is an advanced course designed to transfer a methodological approach and an integrated and homogeneous vision about dermoscopy. The attendees will improve their skill to recognize and then diagnose skin lesions through an intensive pratical session based ona wide number of real clinical cases.
How many participants are admitted to the International Masterclass?
The International Masterclass have had a limit of 70 registrations in order to ensure a high level of training for all participants, and allow direct contact with the tutors and participation in numerous interactive sessions.
Who is the course aimed at?
The three full days of the course are aimed at dermatologist doctors who already have practice with dermoscopy and want to deepen the practices and techniques of the subject, through an intense comparison with the most recognized and appreciated dermoscopy specialists. To all those who wish to participate and think they need to review the fundamental criteria of dermoscopy, we suggest taking the online Digital Training course.
Will a certificate be released?
At the end of the Masterclass, doctors will be invited to check their improvement by taking a final assestment test. After passing the test, each participant will be awarded the certification accredited by the International Dermoscopy Society.

Giuseppe Argenziano

Giuseppe Argenziano is Full Professor and Head of the Dermatology Unit at the University of Campania, Naples, Italy; Co-founder and former president of the International Dermoscopy Society; and Editor-in-Chief of Dermatology Practical and Conceptual Journal.

Professor’s main research field is dermatology-oncology, as evidenced by his numerous articles and scientific books concerning dermoscopy, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Over the past 20 years he has supervised over 500 students in Dermatology and organized more than 400 national and international didactic meetings such as the Consensus Net Meeting on Dermoscopy and the First Congress of the International Dermoscopy Society. Thanks to his experience in teaching and his friendly approach, he is able to involve his class, manage debates and discussions and create passionate and never boring lectures.

Aimilios Lallas

Aimilios Lallas, recently elected President of the International Dermoscopy Society,

is an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the First Department of Dermatology of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. Current President of the International Dermoscopy Society.

Professor’s main field of research is dermato-oncology, including dermoscopy of skin tumors, the application of the method in general dermatology and the improvement of the treatment of oncologic patients. He has authored of approximately 350 scientific papers published on Pubmed Central, most of them on dermoscopy, and has contributed to various book chapters on dermoscopy, too.

He is a co-investigator in several Phase III Clinical trials on skin cancer treatment. He has been awarded several scholarships and scientific awards. He is one of the most qualified speakers in international dermatology congresses and meetings. He has a rich teaching activity, characterized by his ability to involve the audience and lead the learning process.

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