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Theoretical knowledge on dermoscopy criteria ever available!
Digital Training is a 10 module intensive and detailed course about dermoscopy. Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano and Prof. Aimilios Lallas deliver the fundamental must-knows about their field, through engaging lessons recorded in a professional TV Studio.

The course will be available in English.




The Dermoscopy Excellence Digital Training is an intensive and detailed course about Dermoscopy.

It’s a high-quality course that aims at the entertaining training of the participant through a new way of teaching.

The course is structured in 10 modules that address all the aspects of skin tumors, diagnostic techniques and strategies (like monitoring), plus the application of dermoscopy in general dermatology.

Each module includes two topics, presented and discussed alternatively by Prof. Aimilios Lallas, current President of the International Dermoscopy Society (IDS) and Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano, previous President of the IDS. At the end of each lesson, the tutors will deepen the topic with a final discussion, sharing thoughts and doubts, so that the attendees will be given the opportunity to verify their ideas and clarify their possible concerns and perplexities.

The on-line course is a brand new format created to be attended exclusively digitally. The friendship and professional relationship of the two tutors make the course easy to follow, never boring, giving fun moments but always with the aim of making more effective transferring knowledge and skills.

A series of episodes to watch just in “one breath” that will change your vision on dermoscopy.


With Digital Training you get:

  • 10 video lesson, 1 hour each recorded in professional tv studio
  • A dynamic and engaging deep learning
  • More than 500 clinical cases discussed by experts
  • An Easy to Learn course that will entertain you as a TV show
  • The Certification of your improvement through the evaluation test accredited by the IDS

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  • History, instruments and light modes – Giuseppe Argenziano
  • Basic dermoscopic structures and their histopathologic correlation – Aimilios Lallas


  • Nevi basics – Aimilios Lallas
  • Melanoma basics – Giuseppe Argenziano


  • Basal cell carcinoma – Giuseppe Argenziano
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – Aimilios Lallas


  • Seborrheic keratosis and solar lentigos – Giuseppe Argenziano
  • Angiomas and common adnexal benign tumors – Aimilios Lallas


  • Facial lesions – Aimilios Lallas
  • Scalp and mucosal lesions – Giuseppe Argenziano


  • Acral lesions – Aimilios Lallas
  • Nail lesions – Giuseppe Argenziano


  • Rules for spitzoid lesions – Aimilios Lallas
  • Rules for amelanotic lesions – Giuseppe Argenziano


  • Devices and basic principles of digital monitoring – Aimilios Lallas
  • Long term management of patients with multiple moles – Giuseppe Argenziano


  • Dermoscopy of inflammatory skin diseases of the trunk – Giuseppe Argenziano
  • Dermoscopy of inflammatory skin diseases of the face – Aimilios Lallas


  • Dermoscopy of infectious skin diseases – Giuseppe Argenziano
  • Trichoscopy – Aimilios Lallas

More info

What does Digital Training deliver?
The goal of digital training is to transfer a methodological approach and an integrated and homogeneous vision on the fundamentals elements of dermoscopy, useful in the daily practice.
Who is the course aimed at?
To all dermatologist doctors in the world who are looking for an engaging and a through educational content on the fundamental criteria of dermoscopy and in particular it is recommended to all those who want to attend the International Masterclass in Rome.
Will a certificate of partecipation in the course be issued?
After analyzing all the modules, the doctor is invited to verify his/her knowledge by completing a final test and certificate of participation in the Dermocopy Excellence Digital Training, accredited by the International Dermoscopy Society which can be downloaded in the personal area of each participant.
How is the course structured?
The digital training is developed in 10 modules of 1 hour each, for a total of 10 hours. In each module the tutors will address a topic by submitting different clinical cases. The presentation develops in a comparison between the two tutors, in order to provide the doctors with themes and answers to any doubts. The modules of the course includes different themes and can be followed in a non-sequential way.
How long can you access the Digital Training content?
You will be able to access the contents of the Digital Training forever. Each module can be consulted every time you will need it. The structure of the course has been designed just for this aim.
Is there any teaching material available for the course?
You will find the teaching material in PDF format whitin each module. For each module, slides are available to be consulted while using the video or later. They refer to the topic covered by the two tutors and so you can focus on the images, enlarge them and make reference to the issues discussed in the lessons.

Your Tutor

Giuseppe Argenziano

Giuseppe Argenziano is Full Professor and Head of the Dermatology Unit at the University of Campania, Naples, Italy; Co-founder and former president of the International Dermoscopy Society; and Editor-in-Chief of Dermatology Practical and Conceptual Journal.

Professor’s main research field is dermatology-oncology, as evidenced by his numerous articles and scientific books concerning dermoscopy, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Over the past 20 years he has supervised over 500 students in Dermatology and organized more than 400 national and international didactic meetings such as the Consensus Net Meeting on Dermoscopy and the First Congress of the International Dermoscopy Society. Thanks to his experience in teaching and his friendly approach, he is able to involve his class, manage debates and discussions and create passionate and never boring lectures.

Aimilios Lallas

Aimilios Lallas, recently elected President of the International Dermoscopy Society,

is an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the First Department of Dermatology of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. Current President of the International Dermoscopy Society.

Professor’s main field of research is dermato-oncology, including dermoscopy of skin tumors, the application of the method in general dermatology and the improvement of the treatment of oncologic patients. He has authored of approximately 350 scientific papers published on Pubmed Central, most of them on dermoscopy, and has contributed to various book chapters on dermoscopy, too.

He is a co-investigator in several Phase III Clinical trials on skin cancer treatment. He has been awarded several scholarships and scientific awards. He is one of the most qualified speakers in international dermatology congresses and meetings. He has a rich teaching activity, characterized by his ability to involve the audience and lead the learning process.

About us

Elena Tania Mircescu
 Thanks from all Dermoscopy Excellence staff. The Dermoscopy Excellence Digital Training is really an intensive,detailed, complete course, useful and necessary to each Dermatologist. I have read some of the modules. I am delighted of the high-quality course. It is easy to follow, you receive plenty of theoretical information and specially practical information useful to early diagnose malignant skin tumors. I warmly recomand this EXCELLENT Dermoscopy Digital Course 
Robert Solomon
 I am a member of the American Dermoscopy Society and have attended many excellent Dermoscopy courses. I must say that the Dermoscopy Excellence Digital Training is the best I have done! My staff and I have reviewed the lectures numerous times. I look forward to more training from these esteemed professors. Dr Robert Solomon - dermatologist Toronto 
Alice Sapca
 The perfect online course for clinicians wishing to learn dermoscopy from experts. In order to understand better what you read maybe before, but only from books, you can now take advantage of this one-of-a-kind dermatoscopy online course and feel as if you're in the same room with your teachers. You will find the balanced combination between written materials, visuals, practical cases and the most important -Argenziano and Lalas expertise. There are several modules that will cover everything you need to know in relation with dermoscopy, presented in a friendly manner, which will allow you to love dermoscopy and respect your trainers even more. Don't hesitate to take time for this type of training in an era of digitalisation and digital dermoscopy. I feel more prepared now and more confident in my knowledge of dermoscopy. Thank you all! 
Roberto Bruno
 Essenziale,incisiva,esaustiva,pratica,comoda da fruire 
M.Cigdem Oba
 This is a great course! Prof Argenziano and Prof Lallas explain the must-know of dermoscopy in a very comprehensible and practical manner. You can easily concentrate for an hour because they know how to simplify things! I feel more confident about dermoscopic examination thanks to what I learned from these excellent modules. 
Alexandra Maria Koui
 Brief, elaborating, explicit but also well - organized, coherent and detailed at the same time. A must have for all the dermatologists wishing to ace their dermoscopical knowledge. Thank you professors 
Alberto Sticchi
 Trasmettere la passione prima ancora delle conoscenze credo che sia la più rara e preziosa dote di un vero Professore. Grazie davvero. 
Christiane Piazza
 I've completeted 3 modules, and they were ecellent. I have been studying dermoscopy, and now I've decided to join this course. My experience has been great because there is always more to learn from the didatics and experience of these teachers. 
Ramil Guliyev
 Excellent training from Great Masters of Dermoscopy. It was very interesting, short and embracing. Also very good organization and quality. This is moment when science meeting with practise and humour! 
Caroline Dalla Costa
 I’m enjoying the Dermoscopy course so much, because it is so didatic and easy to catch up! Both Giuseppe and Lallas are so funny and make great explanations! I strongly recommend it! Hope I see you guys in 2023’s masterclass!!! 
Adriana Maria Camino Varela
 Dear Gepi and Aimilios teachers, the digital training course is phenomenal, I love it. The topics are given in a clear way, highlighting points to consider in a usual situation in the office. Love it. I'm looking at it for the third time before giving the test. I hope they are planning one more high level. I would like the tests after each module. It is easier for me. Thanks for this course and thanks for being so great, you make an excellent tim. 
Juan Ramón Cuervo Martín
 I find this course really interesting and amusing the contents are appropiated and the explanation really good I enjoy and learn a lot thanks for the good job 
Voinea Catalina
 The structure and the cases are amazing. I finished the course in 5 days with plenty of time for writing notes and studying. I love the fact that I can access the course any time for as long as I want. It is a great tool for dermatologists passionate about dermoscopy. 
Elmijola Janushaj
 understandable, simple and focused 

Organizing Secretariat