Dear Giuseppe and Aimilios, I just wanted to say a huge thank you, the course in aug 2019 was brilliant and since attending; my colleague has also been since I told her about it.
I enjoyed every minute, though very intense, you both made it very interesting. I have learnt so much and putting it into practice and am enjoying the app too which is very addictive.
I believe that I am the only nurse to have ever attended and completed the course, so thank you for that special opportunity too.
Kindest of regards to you both

Dear Emilio and Geppy, I would really love to thank you for the time spent and the dedication you demonstrated each day, giving us not only the opportunity to enlarge our professional sight but also to confront with other realities. I will never forget any of this and will thank you always. All the best

Hard to find something more. You were great! Everyting perfect!

The whole experience was amazing! Best dermoscopy course that I have ever attended! Congrats Dr Argenziano, Dr Lallas and the whole crew! Thank you!

Dear A. Lallas and G.Argenziano, I fully endorse all of the participant comments above and would add that it was a true honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to take part in such an energetic and effective event that greatly builds upon my skill sets.
I truly appreciate your kind expertise sharing!!Thank you very much and I am definitely looking forward to another of your courses/conferences! All the best!

This is not a course “From Zero to Hero”. This is “From Advanced to Performance”

I express my gratitude and positive emotions for a great arrangement of Masterclass in Rome. It was really very professional, productive and friendly