iphone se case size

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iphone se case size

Indeed, security in general is a major concern with connected cars. That's an area where Google, with a vast, global computing network, already has a lot of expertise. Better safety, better efficiency Google's self-driving cars have driven more than a half million miles -- so far with no accidents while the cars were under computer control. Google said it believes self-driving cars can cut accident rates since computers don't get sleepy or distracted, and already there are indications that self-driving cars can be safer than the average driver. Google expects the technology will significantly reduce the number of people killed in car accidents, currently 1.2 million people per year worldwide.

Samsung says the Galaxy Ace Plus will roll out to Russia first then other parts of the world starting this month, As for me, I'd rather save my pennies for a more-advanced Galaxy Nexus or even Galaxy S II, The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus skips the U.S, and targets international regions with middling Android features, Continuing the Android handset push, this time into the low end iphone se case size of the handset spectrum, Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy Ace Plus, Announced in Korea but also targeted at Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, it seems the only region the Ace Plus won't be shipping is right here in the States, Of course I bet not many hearts will be broken since this modest device won't inspire much gadget lust in Android addicts..

Samsung looks to be betting big on virtual-reality content. DiCarlo said the company is paying for the videos that will run on Milk VR. The service will offer the videos through downloads and "adaptive streaming options." It appears as an app that can be downloaded from the VR home screen. Milk VR will provide the videos for free as Samsung hopes to goose interest in virtual reality. Samsung wants to jump-start the virtual-reality movement. The Korean electronics conglomerate on Tuesday launched Milk VR, a service that will provide free 360-degree videos to anyone using a Gear VR virtual-reality headset, which launched as a limited earlier this month. The content is expected to dribble out on a consistent basis in an effort to get people coming back to the service.

How can you tell? Start with price-history iphone se case size site Camelcamelcamel, which shows you the historical highs and lows for just about every product Amazon sells, Even if you're shopping elsewhere, you can use this to determine if a Black Friday price is really an "all-time low" or just plain "low."Bottom line: If any given product has been priced lower (or the same) during the past year, it's a safe bet it will be again, In the meantime, don't fall for the Black Friday hype when it comes to these tech items..

Under U.S. Internetworking's cash tender offer, the holding companyproposed acquiring a minimum of 51 percent of PSINet's outstanding sharesfor $10 a share. "This is a sad day for shareholders," said McCleary. "We requested that they allow us to present directly to shareholders.. We asked them to meet with us and defer their meeting tomorrow. By not considering our offer, they force the shareholders to make a decision based on one option," he said, referring to PSINet's pending deal with IXC Internet.

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