iphone screen protector uv

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iphone screen protector uv

The potential of Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android designed for both tablets and smartphones, could provide a boost, though it's unclear who would succeed in such a crowded market. The Guardian points out that the companies could be pulling back on resources for Android tablets as they focus on Windows 8, which will also run on tablets. Updated at 12:01 p.m. PT: to include a response from Dell. The companies respond to a report that they, along with Acer, are looking to phase out their tablet businesses.

Also in the works is a way to find new friends based on your location habits, Founder Michael May tells me he's working on a way to let people connect based on percentage of familiarity, Not to be confused with a dating site, BrightKite will simply cross reference your locational habits with other users and give you a "neighbor score." Get Starbucks every iphone screen protector uv morning and post a message about it? In theory BrightKite could hook you up with other people who do the same, BrightKite is currently in private beta, You can sign-up to gain entry here..

Verizon Wireless, the largest of the wireless carriers in the United States, said Monday that it had decided to put its IPO on hold as a result of the "recent volatility of capital markets." That will likely translate into more delays for BellSouth and SBC Communications' Cingular Wireless, which had been expected to go public early next year, analysts say. Giving those companies pause has been the market's reception for AT&T Wireless, which met tepid enthusiasm when it went public in April and has fallen more than 30 percent since that time.

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To get to the new category, visit or open the Genres & Moods section under the Browse tab within the Spotify app. There, you'll find all the community-created gaming playlists, such as ones by PlayStation Music, EA Sports and even Guitar Hero. These playlists include soundtracks for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, FIFA 16, Rocket League, curated playlists by Engadget and Polygon and several others. Spotify has curated its own selection of gaming playlists, as well. There are mixes like Indie Gaming, Retro Gaming, Top Gaming Tracks, Epic Gaming and more.

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