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ballet shoes imdb

Can technology help solve the age-old problem of having two left feet?. Maybe the Google Glass bone is connected to the dance bone — Google has been awarded a patent for a system that would display dance moves that correspond to whatever music is playing. The description of the system is as awkward as Pee-wee Herman’s moves. 1. A method comprising: receiving, from a microphone coupled to a computing device, an audio sample; receiving, by a camera coupled to the computing device, a video sample of one or more dancers performing a dance gesture associated with a dance; providing the audio sample and the video sample to a content identification module for determination of: (i) information associated with the audio sample and (ii) information associated with the dance gesture in a content of the video sample; receiving, from the content identification module, the information associated with the audio sample and the information associated with the dance gesture; determining one or more predetermined dance steps corresponding to the information associated with the audio sample and the information associated with the dance gesture; and generating a display of the one or more predetermined dance steps.

California Symphony season opener: Donato Cabrera conducts Barber, Mahler, and Stookey; 4 p.m, Sept, 24, Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek ; $42-$72; 925-943-7469;, “Don Pasquale”: Presented by Livermore Valley Opera; Sept, 30-Oct, 8; ballet shoes imdb Bankhead Theater, Livermore; $42-$90; 925-373-6800,, Symphony Silicon Valley: Paul Polivnick conducts Wagner, Britten and Beethoven; Sept, 30-Oct.1, California Theatre, San Jose; $45-$90; 408-286-2600,

World and West Coast premieres were a mainstay, ensuring that theatergoers, however experienced they were, would find something to enjoy. Its final production, in fact, was the world premiere this spring of “Game On,” a comedy by playwright Dan Hoyle and Berkeley Rep artistic director Tony Taccone, two men with deep Bay Area connections. Casual observers could not have dreamed that the season that began so propitiously, with the smash hit “One Night with Janis Joplin”–which broke all kinds of attendance records–would be the Rep’s last.

MDMA: When a college student from a traditional Asian-American family (Annie Q) loses her financial aid, she sensibly applies for a Pell grant, No, wait, that’s not right: She turns to manufacturing the drug Ecstasy in this 1984-set film, The Predator: Writer-director Shane Black (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”) reboots the sci-fi franchise, (Black played one of the prey in the 1987 original.) This time, Sterling K, Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, and Olivia Munn face off against the alien killer, Unbroken: Path to Redemption: Beginning where the hit movie “Unbroken” concludes, this ballet shoes imdb film explores the subsequent life of Olympian and World War II hero Louis Zamperini, Also based on Laura Hillenbrand’s bestselling book..

—‰’Once’ uses song and dance in a way I’ve never experienced in an American musical,” raved the New York Times. “When the violins begin to play — and the accordion and the mandolin and the guitars and the cello — the instruments swell into a collection of distinctive voices melded into a single, universal feeling. ‘Once’ massages that feeling until it hurts quite exquisitely.”. The unconventional feel of the romance, its embrace of piercing regret without any hokey Hollywood schmaltz, was precisely what seduced Tiffany, who is always drawn to life’s poignant rites of passage, from the Scottish soldiers in a famed regiment in “The Black Watch” to the scruffy street musicians in “Once.” His characters lose their innocence in such a potent way that the audience cannot help but feel their pain.

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